Get Whitehack

Third Edition is out and available for purchase! Follow the links below and check out for news about upcoming releases.

Third Edition Whitehack is available from Lulu because it is the global on demand printing service with the most reliable and affordable prints on cream colored book paper with matte covers. The cloth covers with dust jackets are now also printed in Europe (previously only in the US), which lowers time and costs for shipping. Don’t forget to check for coupons. I am always experimenting with different formats, so the list of options may grow.

In the below list, all versions of Whitehack contain the same rules, but the formats and covers differ. The notebook versions have additional pages for your campaign notes and house rules. The wide/landscape versions have a double column layout, fitting 4 standard pages per spread.

Standard hardcover $29

Notebook hardcover $35

Notebook landscape hardcover $37.50  NEW! See photos!

Standard softcover $17.50 NEW! See photos!

Wide softcover $17.50 NEW! See photos!

Tablet & Phone PDFs $9.95 (Extra functionality)

You may also be interested in:

Suldokar’s Wake (can be used as Whitehack setting)

You should always google as well for Lulu coupons before buying, as there are sometimes codes that work that are not on the official page above. Coupons will reduce the price of the game significantly. You may also want to check out the Lulu Recommendations at and Martin Ralya’s Lulu Recommendations for more books to include in your shipment.

Previous versions of my games are out of print. There are quite a few around, so with the exception of a few rare ones, you shouldn’t have much trouble finding a second hand copy.

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