Second Edition 

All you need to play is in the book, but if you would rather print a character sheet than use a copy machine, the character sheet is provided here.

Thanks to Norbert G. Matausch at Analogkonsole there is now a german character sheet!

Grace à Damien Rahyll, il y a aussi une feuille de personnage pour les joueurs francophones!

There is also, regrettably, an errata.

If you need assistance or have ideas to discuss, Jacques van der Merwe has started a great Whitehack Appreciation Society. It was previously on G+, and the old version of the community has been archived at

The RPG blog Die Heart has also collected a number of useful Whitehack resources.


First Edition 

Character Sheet 1e

Feuille de personnage 1e (grace à Antoine Fournier)

Errata 1e