Second Edition Reviews

First Time Playing: Whitehack by Brian V Molina at Laughing Leviathan

“Its minimalism and straightforwardness makes for a great experience for both GMs and players. It also features a great toolset for GMs and referees in general that cover setting and adventure design, as well as a variety of other topics that you would need for tabletop gaming.”

March’s Game of the Month is Whitehack 2nd Edition! by tidfisk at Reddit r/rpg

“I know it’s been out for a while now but it is really such a cool little retro-clone. It’s well written and crazy hackable. I think my favorite part is that it easily presents four different armor class options for use in one simple table. The whole book is also presented and designed really well.”

Book Review: Whitehack (video review) by Questing Beast on youtube

“All in all, a really fascinating game with a lot of great ideas that seem unique, which I’ve not seen replicated in other games. Things like the auction mechanic especially is a great thing that you can add to any other game to really spice it up!”

Whitehack 2e Standard Review by Patrik Olsson at

“The only old school rules set you´ll ever need. Takes the very best from the original game and tweaks the not so good parts, creating a complete game. Rooted in old school, but with great playability and potential for the creative DM.”

Whitehack Comparison by JC at Hobgoblinry

“Whitehack’s been my go-to RPG for some time now. I use it for regular games with the kids and their friends, for family sessions (my wife can occasionally be persuaded to play) and for occasional games with my old RPG muckers. It’s great – sleek and elegant, and with nice, intuitive mechanics.”

Whitehack Second Edition Review by Brett Maack at

“Overall, I’m really impressed with this product. The OSR has a lot of content, and if you’re someone like me who needs a “go-to” game, I think Whitehack has the right balance of freeform and structure that makes it worth committing to.”

Whitehack 2e Notebook Review by Morris Harrell at

“When the world freezes over, poisoned by cursed blood, there will come an awakening of evil — something that the Whitecloaks and Twisted, the Bleedists and Watchers, the Giants and Witch Cultists are ill-prepared for. This setting is just a small portion of the book, and ripe for opportunities to adventure. […] The Notebook edition adds a most helpful section for penciling or inking in your own house rules, illustrations, maps, additional character sheets and other scribblings.”

Doubled in size! Same slick system (mostly), same impressive old-school game by vestige at

“Whitehack remains one of my favorite of the rules-light OSR games. It’s probably the most elegant iteration of [famous trademark] I’ve seen, which counts for a lot in my book. […] The additional page count offers some additional options and more GM support. It’s still a great game, which I highly recommend to anyone looking for a deep and rich OSR experience.”

Whitehack 2nd Edition by Brian Ashford at Ominosity

“I have never run another game which can so easily surprise me, it’s very satisfying to sit down to my own session without any real idea what to expect and yet confident that the system will handle it.”

Whitehack 2e Booklet Review by Tristan McDonald at

“There’s an incredible amount in these 64 pages, and the fantastic typography and layout saves things from becoming too crowded. This is a brilliantly conceived fantasy RPG, with plenty of flavour and sensible, easy-to-remember mechanics. It’ll take reading through it a few times before things really click, but when they do you’ll have a complete game which you can use with 40 years of old-school role-playing materials.”

Densely Packed with Gaming Goodness by Fred Daniel at Whitebox and Beyond

“Whitehack packs a lot into it’s 64 pages and is a complete game with bestiary, world setting and two adventures.”

Reseña Whitehack & Symbaorum (in Spanish) at Star Dungeon

“Reglas muy sencillas, pero con mucho ambiente, hechas con el espíritu de la OSR, En el manual se incluyen reglas de creación de personaje, magia, reglas para el master e incluso una campaña. Me ha encantado lo sencillo que se hace.”

Look On The Light Side Of Life (And Fantasy Gaming) at

“If you’re looking for a game with the simplicity of the old school (and that can use a lot of older modules and adventures with little effort) but that is reworked with a more modern sensibility, then Whitehack might be the game that you’re looking for. I think that it is a cleanly designed system that is robust, and manages to bring across that robustness in a simple manner.”

RPG First Look: Whitehack at Department V

“If you have a reason for buying something from Lulu and you’re even remotely interested, I would recommend Whitehack. In many ways it’s a deconstruction and reconfiguration of OSR mechanisms that empower both the GM and the players in owning their setting and exploring it in emergent fashion.”

Reseñas: Whitehack 2ª Edición (in Spanish) at El Rincón del Cabo Hicks

“… un gran ejemplo de esa máxima de ‘menos es más’. Whitehack me parece un trabajo tremendamente elegante …”

Vestige’s Fantasy RPG Recommendations at

Whitehack is a slim game that nevertheless packs quite a punch. It is rules-light in many ways but also very sophisticated in others. It’s also one of the shortest ‘complete’ games out there.”

Whitehack – Tiempo de dados 141 (in Spanish (I think!)) at Turbiales

Hoy en tiempo de dados nos encontramos frente a otro retroclon, aunque uno bastante especial.

[Let’s Study Whitehack 2e] Part 7 – Odds & Ends, Conclusion at

“Whitehack is a brilliant neo OSR game.”

[Let’s Study: Whitehack 2nd Edition] Part 6 – The Setting at

“Lots of character concepts and play styles fit into the White Curse, so players and Game Masters alike should find something to their liking if you are on board with the premise of the world.”

[Let’s Study: Whitehack 2nd Edition] Part 5 – Monsters & Magic Artifacts at

“Boss Monsters. There are some cool mechanical twists to them, i.e. boss stages. Basically, the monster is several separate monsters with own entries and you need to defeat one of the stages to enter the next one. Boss Monsters have some more distinctive features, but I don’t want to spell out the whole rulebook here.”

[Let’s Study Whitehack 2nd Edition] Part 4 – Running the game at

The Marionette is a puppet creature, created from the souls of dead humanoids. Marionettes wear an intricate face mask with a ghost box which allows them to speak to others. […] Altogether a very appealing class that shows the evocative feel of the White Curse setting.”

[Let’s Study Whitehack 2nd Edition] Part 3 – Combat & Magic at

“I really like the free-form magic system as it allows me to create any kind of ‘spell user’ that I like.”

[Let’s Study Whitehack 2nd edition] Part 2 – Game Mechanics at

“There are some instances when a task would require training, experience or special knowledge. In this case, you need to check your groups. […] This idea is pretty neat as it allows for some clever use of your groups, ties into your character concept and uses the free-form groups for mechanical benefits.”

[Let’s Study Whitehack 2nd Edition] Part 1 – Character Creation at

“Furthermore, as a player I have some control over the game world when choosing groups as I can easily introduce new affiliation groups or new species. In this regard, the game can help with world-building and offers something unique compared to most other OSR games and [TM] clones.”

Let’s Read Whitehack (ongoing) by Jonas Ferry at

“Whitehack is a complete game in itself and works perfectly fine to just start running, but it’s designed as a set of firm structures with squishy free-form parts in-between.”

“Whitehack ist ein etwas anderer OSR-[TM]-Klon …” (in German) at the Rollenspieler G+ community.

“Dennoch ist das einfaches System, das in der Regel gut funktioniert und die Kreativität fördert bzw. belohnt.”

Whitehack (in Hungarian) at Kockák és Koboldok

“A szörnyek listája két oldalon elfér, ez remek dolog, áttekinthető az egész, plusz hasznos tanácsokkal lát el boss szörnyek elkészítésére. Végül meg van benne kaland.”

Wir hacken uns durch Whitehack (in German) at

“Alles in allem eine tolle Sache. Ich spiele auf jeden Fall wieder Whitehack.”

Weekend R&R: Whitehack at

“The cover of the book is fantastic as it looks like a regular oldschool notebook and even reminds me of the sort I had in elementary school and high school. I really like the look. The writing is clear, concise, and very readable too and, given that the main rules (the player’s section) occupies all of 18 pages, quite an accomplishment.”

Review: Whitehack 2e (video) at Doc Eon 

“If you have an interest in old school role-playing, this is definitely a ruleset you should pick up.”

Whitehack – recension (in Swedish) at Sveriges största slacker

“We get a campaign environment and two adventures as well. They have a rather ‘grimdark’ atmosphere, which seems to be the designer’s preference. In any case, they are well designed, and I like the fact that they are not over detailed.”

Favorite Game of the last 12 months at

“Whitehack is one of my favorite OSR games (along with Scarlet Heroes) so I can totally recommend this game.”

Nils thinks: Whitehack 2ed (in Swedish) at Pod-Con

“You can easily see Whitehack providing the basis of a campaign that would grow from a single seed to unlimited size, and I think the rules would last the whole way and reveal more of their splendor the more they were used.”

Quick Looks at Whitehack and The Complete Vivimancer at Dorkland!

Whitehack would be a good game for people who are looking for some more modern approaches to the workings of games, while keeping the simplicity and abstraction of old school [trademark].”

Whispers from the Role-Playing Club (in Swedish), a joint venture from and

“I am very fond of Whitehack, which is a swedish game in English that has quite a few cool rules solutions.”

Dancing About Architecture at UK Role Players

“The most recent thing that I’ve picked up which I think has got the bravest art decision that I’ve seen in a long time, is called Whitehack.”

Whitehack (Game Mechanics) at Something Awful

“The actual mechanics of the game are reasonably simple, as befits an OSR game that’s drawing heavily on 0e. […] There’s a nod to ‘rulings not rules’ and an explicit inclusion of narrative power for all players.”

Whitehack (Character Creation) at Something Awful

“It’s got a lot of ‘storygame’ influence, and the result is a compact, playable, and flexible game that should be on your game shelf.”

Whitehack Review Part the First at Game Stank

“The rules are actually quite lite and intuitive […] Really want to use this for solo and group both!”



First Edition Reviews

Free RPG Day with Whitehack by Paul Baldowski at

“I had fun – and I’d certainly use the system again.”

OD&D, distilled, remixed, and garnished with a modern twist by vestige at

“That it packs all this into such a small package – all the rules you need, plus a campaign arc, in just 32 digest-sized pages – is a remarkable achievement.”

Dungeon Talk — Episode 38 at

“It’s very cool—for ten bucks I can’t recommend it enough!”

Two OSR Reviews by Ian Fletcher at Purple Bags of Dice

“You will feel inspired by the simplicity, and delighted by how ‘non-simplistic’ it feels. […] It is not just a “clone” game, but rather a new entry that evolves the art, rather than replicating it.”

Slam Poetic Review by Teo Tayobobayo

“For me, it’s like
that crazy lovable
family member who
finally went to rehab,
and got their shit together.
They are still all those
quirky things I loved,
minus the lying, stealing,
vomiting, and psychosis.”

A look at Whitehack (Part 2) at

“The physical book gives you lots of material on just 32 pages: a great package. A must-buy for OSR gamers with an affinity for new-school mechanics and rules-lite lovers.”  

Whitehack, first pass … by Judd Karlman at The Githyanki Diaspora

“The auction mechanic is really slick and it is nice that they give examples of when they’d use that in the example adventures in the back.”

A look at Whitehack (Part 1) at

“I like the grim tone and I think everyone can find his/her niche in this fantasy world.”  

WHITEHACK by Youseph Tanha at Stargazer’s World

“WHITEHACK is filled with other little gems that make it stand out as a unique RPG and I think people checking it out will be pleasantly surprised by them.”

Short review by Martin Ralya

“In just 33 pages, Christian has put together a fantastic minimalist RPG that evokes white box [Trademark] but with elements of the [Trademark] System and storygaming included.”

Golden Gnome Nomination (In Swedish) at Boningen

“Rarely has a Swedish role-playing game presented such well-made rules, the thirty-four pages providing more useful information than many three hundred page games: Three classes, eighty monsters, introductory adventures, example characters. And then the game system, of course. Impressive.”

RECENSION: White Hack (In Swedish) by Magnus Seter at

“For me, White Hack is both a glance back in the history of role-playing games and a glimpse of the future.”

Recension – Whitehack (in Swedish) by Marco Behrmann at

“I’m somewhat in love with this game.”

Whitehack vid första anblicken (in Swedish) at

“All in all, Whitehack is a small and elegant game, with neat rules which will surely be used in other games.”

Whitehack, recension (in Swedish) by Åsa Roos in Fenix 5/2013

“Reading Whitehack is fun, because in my opinion, it is a masterfully stripped down role-playing game that provides a good framework in which to start playing.”

Recension: Whitehack (Twitter review in Swedish) by Anders Lekberg

“5 out of 5.”