Whitehack Third Edition

Whitehack Third Edition is now out! Check out the Buy page!

Whitehack is a complete fantasy role-playing game in the original tradition. In addition to custom settings and adventures, it can run just about any material from 1974 onwards with little or no conversion. This works by picking a very limited set of pieces from a traditional, modern or “foreign” stat block and then triangulating them to pin-point how a monster, spell or ability works. Whitehack is well known for having a strong identity on its own, but also for flexibility and the ability to run material that normally takes much more time and dedication to handle.

Whitehack’s rules are a mix of old and new school mechanics, built into a solid whole that can meet the demands of long campaigns. As an emergent game, it can help you take your first steps and then keep challenging you as you become a more experienced player. The previous editions have been very well received: Check out more than 70 reviews to see what others think!

Third Edition is a careful revision based on years of community input. There are some new powerful tools, and the game has been edited and reorganized to better welcome new and returning players. See the FAQ and the 2E–>3E FAQ for details.

Get Whitehack!

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