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Whitehack is a complete fantasy role-playing game in only 64 pages. It contains everything you need to get started quickly, including a campaign setting and two adventures. It is an emergent game that can help you take your first steps and then keep challenging you as you become a more experienced player. The rules are a mix of old and new school mechanics, built into a solid whole that can meet the demands of long campaigns. Whitehack can run 40+ years of material in the world’s first rules tradition, as well as material for many percentile systems in various genres.

The first edition was released in 2013. The second edition is available as of March 12, 2015. Pictures are at the bottom of the page.

These are the specifics (also see FAQ for additional info):

– Two hardbound versions, Standard and Notebook
– Zero Edition roots
– Two d20s and three d6s needed to play (or use paper dice, below)
– A non-traditional definition of “class.” A Barbarian, for example, isn’t a class in Whitehack, but a vocation group.
– Three basic classes: The Deft, the Strong and the Wise
– Three rare classes: The Brave, the Fortunate and Species as Class (comes with two examples of unique playable species: The Dagonite and the Marionette)
– Groups system to deal with species, vocations and affiliations
– 8 example characters
– 135 character names
– Streamlined “Roll High Under” rolls for tasks, saves and attacks
– Unified saving throws
– Auctions for longer contests (chases, fights with groups of “mooks,” etc.)
– Magic system based on vocation groups, miracle wordings and hit point costs
– Combat system for playing with or without grids and miniatures
– Default “raw” AC system (from zero and up), with a conversion table for legacy AC systems
– Five longer gameplay examples and many small examples of how to handle rules
– Advice on settings, hacked settings, genre, history, literature and campaigns
– Three styles of adventure writing: Story, Dungeon and Faction Intrigue
– A Referee toolbox with rules for hex- and dungeon crawls, reaction rolls, hirelings, vehicle combat, corruption, traditional magic and true miracles
– Play beyond levels: Divine aid/debts and Aspects
– More than 80 monsters
– Boss monster rules, including character recharges, boss stages and a variant of popcorn initiative
– More than 50 concepts for uncursed and cursed magic artifacts
– An example campaign setting.
– Two introductory adventures.
– City and dungeon map layouts, NPC and affiliation groups lists, a faction mind map and random encounters and rumors tables for the setting and the adventures.
– Paper dice (you can play the game with these)
– A page on troubleshooting
– Terminology
– Index
– Game available either as a 64 page book or as a 256 page notebook (64+192 pages). Both alternatives are trade size (6×9 inches), cloth covered hardbacks with cream colored quality paper, set in double column Celestia Antiqua.

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